Gay is Okay

In light of Sunday’s tragic massacre at Pulse in Orlando, I wanted to send out some positive vibes on what it’s like to be a member of the LGBTQ community.

I would love nothing more than to share my opinions on what happened this weekend, but this particular post is not the place, so I will continue on with the article I wrote for a class last summer. I hope you get as much out of it as I put into it.


Much of society is under the impression that being gay is an abomination, either due to their upbringing or their lack of understanding. My goal here is to dispel that myth and explain why I believe being gay is as natural as being alive.

I didn’t always believe this way. In fact, when I was 12 years old, I thought there was something wrong with me because I was attracted to my best girl friend. I believed these feelings were due to the fact that I was a tomboy and all of the boys made fun of me. At that age, I still thought of boys as dumb and gross, and more so because of the way they treated me.

My fear was expressing my feelings for my friend. I was afraid she wouldn’t reciprocate my feelings. I mean, what if she was turned off by my confession? And besides, what does a pre-teen know about physical attraction anyway? At that point in my life, I barely understood my own reproductive system. I gave it a shot anyway and told her how I felt about her. I was beyond relieved when she she confessed that she felt the same.

It wasn’t until a few years later, in high school, that I began to question my sexuality again. I was attracted to boys now, too. Where the heck did that come from? Was I conforming to societal views of homosexuality? Was I starting to believe it was wrong?

No. In fact, along with having a boyfriend my parents were over the moon for, I found myself, once again, attracted to my good friend. Unfortunately, she didn’t share my feelings, but she wasn’t turned off by them, either, so we remained good friends.

Fast forward past several boyfriends, four failed “traditional” marriages, and two amazing children. It was the summer of 2010. I was visiting my family in California. I finally felt it was time to come out. I was forty years old. It was now or never. The first person I told was my sister. She laughed it off and said she had pretty much already guessed I was into girls a long time ago. I told my mom next. Her blank stare was really confusing to me. I wasn’t sure if she was angry or if she was trying to process it. To this day, I am certain she has accepted it via denial. When I returned home from my trip, I told my grandmother. That was more difficult as she was raised by her grandmother. She pretended she didn’t hear me and even up to the day she passed away, we never spoke of it again. My children and my current partner – a male – are one hundred percent supportive of who I am. I don’t really need any more than that.

Which brings me to why being gay is okay. Loving someone, regardless of their gender, is human nature and deep down, we are all humans; we are all the same. Even in many animal species’, there are same sex relationships. According to a report by the BBC, several animals, including monkeys, birds, insects, and sheep, have same sex partners, whether it be for mere pleasure or for companionship. The wonderful thing about this is that other animals do not see them as outcasts or sinners. It is only the human species that bullies, harasses, and belittles same sex couples or anyone else who finds the same gender attractive. Why is that?

It seems to me that humans are somehow programmed to follow the norm. But what is the norm, really? Why isn’t another person’s happiness enough?

These are the questions the LGBTQ communities ask every day. If we are all human inside and out, and we are all supposedly made in “God’s” image, then why is it so hard to accept that we aren’t abominations? Weren’t we all created by “God”, the way he wanted to create us?

Being gay is not a choice. We are born the way we are, much the same way some of us are born with blue eyes or dark skin or as another nationality. If it’s natural for the animal world to have same sex partners, it’s natural for humans, too.

This is why Gay is Okay.


Back in the game!

Hi everyone,

I started this blog back in 2009. It went well for a couple of years and then…nothing. It’s now 2016 and a lot has happened in my life.

Since 2011, where I seemed to have dropped off the earth with this blog, my life has changed; some good, some bad.

I recently attended a webinar on how to gain followers, promote my book(s), and make serious money doing what I love. Now that I have some free time on my hands, I thought I should continue with this blog and start doing what I love.

Some of my views have adapted with the times and circumstance of the world around me. I’m no longer just promoting other people, I’m promoting myself, as well. Along with that, I’ll be discussing things that mean a lot to me, my opinions on the world around me, and stories I find interesting.

I’d also like to extend an offer to other bloggers who would like to guest post on my blog, just to get your name out there. Feel free to email me with your topics, your own website and/or blog page, and your blog in a Word format attachment.

I’m here now, again, to let my voice, and yours, be heard! Enjoy!

A Psychic Couldn’t Have Predicted Keith Cullen’s Career Any Better

Not very long ago, Celebritize You’s president, Lena Hunt, predicted that singer/song writer Keith Cullen would quickly make a big name for himself. She was not wrong.


Celebritize You first discovered the talents of Keith Cullen through another project. Lena listened to Keith’s début song, “Losing My Way” and knew, instantly, that he was on his way to the top.


Lena soon discovered how hard Keith worked at his passion for performing, singing and writing songs, so she began to promote him on every social network she had available to her. Before long, YouTube views for “Losing My Way” went from the hundreds to the thousands, and, as of the this writing, his views have reached nearly 35,000.


Lena knew what she was talking about when she promoted Keith Cullen all over the internet and introduced him to music industry executives whom she knew personally. Lena had a feeling that introducing Keith to these people would help him become successful and would give these music industry executives a fantastic musician who would work hard under their name. They were proud to represent him.


Not only has Celebritize You helped Keith Cullen’s career, she has also helped build the careers of some very famous people for the past 13 years.


When Lena Hunt of Celebritize You says someone is going to go far with their career, you’d better believe it. She knows what she’s talking about! She predicted this would happen!

The What’s What of Sky’s Angels #5

I have been reading Sky’s Angels Magazine since the first issue was published. I have blogged about the magazine and I have even had an article published in one of the issues.


I am proud to say that the publishers of Sky’s Angels Magazine, David Angel and Ross Marc Campbell, are good friends of mine and each month they produce one fantastic online magazine that is worth the read for anyone who enjoys fashion, photography, design, and social responsibility. Honestly, this magazine is for everyone.


This month’s issue of Sky’s Angels is no different, but it does keep getting better. What more can you expect from a magazine whose ads are even exceptional? You’ll see!


As in every issue, the inside page is dedicated to Ross Marc Campbell and his welcome message to the contributors and those who are featured in this month’s issue.


The hottest summer fashion trends are displayed throughout. Everything from belts and earrings to shorts, sportswear and formal wear. This issue even features a Father’s Day fashion page that advertises great gifts for your dad. Many of the items for sale are very reasonably priced and all of them can be purchased online.


On pages 18 and 19, you will find an article called “Fashion Street”, which highlights six London women with six different fashion styles, and all of which are sure to be seen in other parts of the world, thanks to the enormous popularity of Sky’s Angels Magazine.


Latex is back in fashion, according to Fetasia Latex. Their fashions represent styles from way back to the 1930’s, all the way up to the 1970’s. Despite the fact that these clothes are made of latex, they are very high fashion. I’ll be honest, as a teenager in the 1980’s, I may have had a garment or two made of latex.


Have the 1970’s returned? Jane Norton shows us bell bottom pants and sun dresses that give us the bright colours and exotic patterns of the ’70’s. Very fashionable!


And now on to Graduate Fashion Week. Ross and his wife, Samantha, attended this year’s fashion week, which was sponsored by George of Asada. Ross and Smantha reported on the events of the week.


Every June, this fashion week details the work of 50 different universities and about 21 university fashion shows. There is the Gala Show that highlights all of the designers and on the last night of fashion week, the Awards Presentation is held. This year the Gala Show was hosted by Jeff Banks and Caryn Franklin, where all of the models and designers were featured. At the end of the show, a panel of judges voted on the winner. There were 3 top awards: menswear, women’s wear and the much desired George Gold Award. The winner of the menswear award went to Felix Chabuk Smith, from Edinburgh College of Art. Marissa Owen from the University of Central Lancashire won the women’s wear award, and Rory Longdon of Nottingham Trent University received the George Gold Award. The models were lucky enough to have make-up provided by Rimmel London and hair styling by L’Oreal.


Bernie Hurst, owner of NooShooz, is once again advertising in Sky’s Angels Magazine. These shoes are amazing. They are the only interchangeable shoes with the most vibrant colours. They are so worth the price, even though they aren’t very expensive. Get in touch with Bernie and get a pair for yourself. You will love them.

Lena Hunt of Celebritize You is, once again, offering to Celebritize YOU. With 13 years of experience in building an on and offline presence for her clients, Celebritize You has worked to “celebritize” some famous people to make them that much more famous. She works with businesses and individuals who want to increase their online presence with professional and personable service. This is possible with the experience of Celebritize You.


Stuart Phillips, Campbell Photographic, Sky’s Angels Magazine, and Vibe International Models presents a unique opportunity to aspiring models. They are holding auditions for models who want to be featured on the cover of Sky’s Angels Magazine. The winner will be announced and cast at the Stuart Phillips Studios in Covent Garden London on June 27th. See the magazine for more details.


There is another fabulous feature highlighting two of England’s most beautiful aspiring models. First comes Harriadnie Beau, a beautiful blonde 18 year old model from Cambridge. Next is Liz Fuller, a former Miss Great Britain, ITV and Five TV presenter, and a successful business woman and charity supporter. Liz is from Swansea, South Wales and began her acting and modelling career as a young child.


Ganjo is back and on the town! He was recently spotted about London, canoodling with Liz Fuller and Miss British Empire 2011, Charlotte Campbell on his birthday. Way to go, once again. Ganjo always manages to find himself at the best parties and events.


Sky’s Angels Magazine is proud to present singer, songwriter, actor, and writer, Luc Floreani. Luc is from Alice Springs, Australia and has performed just about everywhere from Royal Albert Hall to Glastonbury festival. Luc was given the honour of being named Global Ambassador for the Prince’s Rainforest Project in 2009. He also wrote and sang the theme song for the Campaign in 2010. I believe we will be seeing and hearing a lot more from this multi-talented man.


Jonny Nash of Unseen TV UK is back in Sky’s Angels and this time he’s hanging out with Morris Chestnut, who played Ricky in “Boyz N the Hood” in 1991. Since then, Morris has been in films like “Under Siege 2” and “G.I. Jane”. In 1998, he won the Madden Bowl, and in 1999, he played a professional football player in “The Best Man”, which starred Taye Diggs and Nia Long. Morris is currently working on the t.v. show “V” and will soon be working on “The Best Man 2”. Jonny has some serious connections. I’m sure next month he’ll be hanging out with another A-list celeb.


Sky’s Angels Magazine had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful and talented Katie Owen, Gok Wan of TKD and 80’s legend, Cynthia Rothrock. Sky’s Angels was fortunate enough to interview Katie after her performance at the NEC Martial Arts Show. She was comfortable with this crowd because when she was 10, she began TKD. She goes on to describe her music as a mix of R&B and Pop. Katie now has a new single out called, “Wrong All Along”, which, like her other songs, was inspired by one of her real-life events. She also describes her brand as Christina (Aguilera) meets Pink because Christina is powerful and melodic, whereas Pink is sharper with attitude. Katie is a bit surprised that she is just as popular in the U.S. as she is in the U.K.


And, wow! Another article about the soulful musician, Keith Cullen. Right now, Keith’s debut song, “Losing My Way”, has over 33,000 YouTube views, and more songs are on the way as he is tirelessly recording for his album, “Step Into The Light” with his friend and producer, JJ Daly. It won’t be long before we are hearing much more from Keith. He is sure to be signed by a major lable very soon.


Solo artist, Joe Symes, is featured in this issue. On May 28th, Sky’s Angels writer, Chelsea Haden, saw Joe at The Sink in Liverpool. She describes him as friendly and thankful. Joe was a music teacher for 5 years and, on top of being quite talented on the drums, guitar, piano, and harmonica, he also writes his own songs. He has had incredible responses in countries like China, Iceland and Mexico, as well as New York here in the States. You will be hearing more from this talented musician, that’s for sure.


Next, we find Jay Cartere, a 17 year old rapper from North London. He describes his music as hip-hop with some hints of Jazz. As for his influences, he mentions Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. Jay writes his own songs, but he does admit to covering other artists who reflect his own style. He says his music stems from his every day life. With rap and hip-hop having such a strong presence in music these days, Jay Cartere will certainly make his way onto the scene due to his incredible talent.


Among fashion and accessory advice, there are also tips on beauty, make-up and style.


As is customary with Sky’s Angels Magazine, they are in full support of charity events. This time around it was a fund-raiser at Eight Towers Pub in Widnes, Cheshire. The attendees dressed in 1940’s military uniforms and even British comedian, Johnny Rocco, was there to support the cause.


Watch for more great content from Wayne Anthony, executive producer of Unseen TV UK. In this issue, Unseen TV UK is looking for a t.v. presenter. They are launching a course in television presentation. It’s intense and interactive. If you are interested in signing up for this course, and live in London, give it a try.


The Golden Ticket Game is still going strong. If you are a resident of the U.K. And are over the age of 16, take a chance and play the game. You might just win some great prizes.


Help for Heroes is still going strong as well. You can show your support of the British Military by attending their charity fashion show on July 8th at the Park View Suite in Chalkwell, Essex. All proceeds will go to Help for Heroes.


Issue #5 of Sky’s Angels Magazine is even bigger and better than before. It’s worth your time to subscribe and take a look at the new, and familiar, content. You won’t be disappointed by anything in this month’s issue.


Sky’s Angels Magazine is published on the 14th of every month.

Daniel Stoica – Accounting for the New Millenium

Daniel Stoica –Accounting for the New Millennium


Written By: Shelly Meyer

Daniel Stoica is not only a dedicated accountant, helping hundreds of businesses and individuals reduce their tax liability and maximizing their net worth, he also assists his clients with business consulting, giving personalized service in coaching and mentoring, identifying personal need, advising and educating his clients, and capitalizing on new money-making opportunities for his clients.

Included in Daniel’s consulting services are:  helping start-up companies with planning a course of action with their future tax needs, registering for their Federal Tax IDs, and ongoing support; for solopreneurs, he develops a personalized tax strategy, creates business and marketing plans, and selects and implements accounting software that suits their specific needs; for micro-businesses, Daniel assists with yearly tax planning, business and marketing plans, and personal software training; with small businesses, Daniel will help with developing a personalized tax plan, business and marketing development, and assessing specific needs.

Some of Daniel’s clients are: Lena Hunt of Celebritize You, a digital presence marketer; Platinum Success, Inc., an internet marketer; Mediavine Marketing, social media for businesses; Linked Local Network, a business to business online network; and hundreds of individuals, assisting them with tax, accounting, and consulting needs.

Daniel’s mission is to “minimize your tax liability and maximize your net worth”. His guiding principals are credibility, confidentiality, integrity, objectivity, competence, professionalism, and standards.

Daniel Stoica will help you with your passion, your business, and turn it into a success. This is his passion.

A Little About Daniel Stoica


Daniel received his Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management from theUniversityofIllinoisatChicagoin 1993.

Daniel started his career as a night manager and Systems Administrator at Sheraton Suites Elk Grove.

In 1996, Daniel worked at Metro Hotels and was soon promoted to Corporate Senior Accountant.

In 2001, Daniel started his own business as an Independent Accountant and Consultant. Today, he has an office inRoscoe,Illinois, a suburb ofChicago, but his clients are located all over theUnited Statesand the world, thanks to the internet.

Daniel keeps his clients informed about their businesses and tax needs via email, IM, and teleconferencing. He also has articles and a blog concerning the latest news right on his website, as well as an RSS feed. His innovation with utilizing the internet to keep in constant contacts with his clients is something no other accounting firm has done, which keeps him at the top of his profession.

Daniel Stoica will help you turn your passion into a successful business. Find him at Follow him on Twitter at, and “Like” him on Facebook at You can also connect and network with him on Linkedin at

I can be found at:,,

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Alpha Records International, Inc. Making Music Happen

Alpha Records International, Inc. Makes Music Happen


Written by: Shelly Meyer

Alpha Records International, Inc was founded inTolleson,AZby President and CEO, David McIlwain, with the premise of promoting talented singers and musicians worldwide.

With a global public relations team, ARI is able to promote and book talent in many different genres of music from R & B to Latin to Gospel and everything in between.

The artists ARI promotes have all produced their own music and travel the world to assist in the promotion of their work with the determination of getting their music heard by big name record labels where ARI will help in negotiating the advancement of their careers.

ARI also aids in radio airplay and booking musicians with live shows for more exposure.

Some of the other services Alpha Records International, Inc. supplies are artist development, international distribution, email and press media promotions, web design, and placing artists on a Global Network database so industry professionals can find talent quickly and easily.

ARI has partnered with several music industry and promotion companies for maximum talent exposure. Some of their partners include: Lena Hunt, P.R.,, Splash Radio, Celebritize You, and CILA Management.

On the website, ARI has provided an Events page, where bookings can be set for the artists, and a Service page, where artists can choose from several different promotional packages ranging from Limited Promotions to Radio Promotions to a Premium, or full-service, promotion package.

Also available on ARI’s website is a radio/MP3 page where you can listen to music samples from artists such as: Lily Vasquez and Helena Del Pilar in the Latin genre, Timothy Thomas in the Rock genre, David McIlwain in the Jazz genre, Carina in the Christian genre, and Will Marion in the Ambient/Classical genre.

Alpha Records International, Inc. can be found on the web at They are constantly in search of talented singers and musicians across the world. Artists looking for promotion should click on the link and request information about getting themselves and their work promoted by a staff of incredibly talented public relations and promotions professionals.

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Sky’s Angels Magazine – Issue 2 Is Bigger and Better

The team at Sky’s Angels Magazine has been busy working on the second issue, and here it is, filled with more photos, interviews, articles, event spotlights, and now a “Golden Ticket” game for residents of the UK. The back page now includes “Help for Heroes” where readers can donate to the charity, which helps wounded soldiers in the Armed Forces. To make your contribution, please go to

The front cover features photos of Sky’s Angels Magazine’s launch party on February 14, 2011. Inside the front cover is Editor, Ross Campbell’s, welcome message, and I am proud to say I got a mention. Thank you, Ross.

In the same fashion as the first issue, there are some outstanding advertisements from such businesses as Nooshooz™ (, Gemondo™ (, Campbell Photographic (, and, of course, Celebritize You (

This second issue includes new spring and summer fashions for both men and women and the new styles are very trendy and stylish.

As I was flipping through the magazine, I was suddenly greeted with a video trailer of Sky’s Angels Magazine’s launch party and many of its attendees, fashion shows and models. I love how it popped up on the launch party’s dedication page. The video was created by UnseenTV UK. Great job! You must, also, check out the photos of the event on these pages.

Inside is an interview with Sky’s Angels Magazine’s Spokes model, Siobahn Knight. As well as being beautiful, Siobahn is smart, witty and humble. She stated that she has been interested in fashion and modeling since college. She also states she was overwhelmed and happy when she was announced as the magazine’s spokes model.

Also featured is Miss Great Britain 2010, Amy Carrier, Hannah Augood Rason, and Emma Alicia, all with bios and wonderful photos of each model.

An article on the Miss Universe Wales Grand Finale is featured on pages 36 and 37, with pictures of the winners. Michaela Morgan was crowned Miss Universe Swansea, Mary Elizabeth Leo was crowned Miss Universe Newport, and Summer Chanavati was crowned Miss Universe Cardiff.

Articles on the Minx Nails New York, London and Paris Fashion Weeks are also featured in Sky’s Angels Magazine. Their beautiful models are showing off polishes from trendy to out-of-this-world. There is a colour for everyone.

Lena Hunt, president of Lena Hunt PR ( and Celebritize You ( discusses her “passion for fashion” on page 52, where she shares her love for photography and creating fashions, and shares a few of her own photos. She also discusses some of her favourite designers and why, she feels, they do what they love and love what they do. You will have to read the article to learn more about Lena’s passion for her work.

There are more amazing photos on Gothic and Alternative fashion where writer, Clyde Armitage talks about the fashion’s evolution from its dark beginning to today’s brighter presence.

On March 4, 2011, Fakin It! UK hosted a charity event benefiting the British Skin Foundation and raised about £2500 ($4363.95 USD) to support skin cancer prevention. If you are interested in donating, please contact Natalia Moore, the event’s coordinator and president of Fakin It! UK at with charity number 313865.

Britain’s rising star and singer, Simon William, is interviewed on pages 70 through 73. You can find Simon on Facebook at

New, talented musicians, such as JFXMusic and Keith Cullen are presented, and an introduction from the British band, Show It Off! can be found on pages 76 and 77. I think they are all going to be a hit.

Ross Campbell and his wife, Samantha, even have pages dedicated to them and the great work they are doing with the magazine and with their photography.

Sky’s Angels Magazine is always looking for fresh talent in modeling, music, design, photography, and other areas of the entertainment industry. If you have a passion in any of these areas and would like to possibly be featured, please contact Sky’s Angels Magazine at

Sky’s Angels Magazine can also be found on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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